How do I manage large amounts of data?

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  • Hey all. I'm working on a roguelike game. I want to use arrays to manage things like monster types, their health, attack values, defense, weapons, drops etc.

    Thinking about how I want to structure it I realized that if I built it all directly using arrays I would in effect be creating a manual relational database. I was thinking, for example, to have the class the player chooses represented by a global variable using a number. Then I'd want to make an array that had the information about the class' names and their data (attack etc.). The same would be true for items and monsters and such.

    Making that directly in Construct2's event sheet would be a hassle I think. My most preferred method of entering the data would be to just write out all the values manually in an Excel sheet and have the game import this. If that's not possible then maybe write out the data in text files and separate the values by commas.

    I'm interested to know what you guys think would be the best approach?

  • Using AJAX and CSV you can do just that.

    Take a look at this thread :

    It features plugins that should make your life easier !

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  • Thanks for pointing me in the right direction

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