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  • I made my image canvas 18432px x 12288px (multiple of 2048, 9x6) then sliced it in 2048 parts, and drag it on to Construct.

    The image is in total a 12.5mb (PNG8), the memory use is at an healthy 16mb and the export project is 90mb.

    Is this the correct way of using big images?

    Is there some kind of batch upload to get the slices in construct and in place all in one go?

    I´will need to "build" the Track with the different terrain types like Tarmac/ Gravel/ Dirt and so on. Making it a pain to seem it all together, and also prone to errors (see side note)

    Side note:

    The Construct editor Zoom/ Pan bidings made it a pain to seem all the slices.

    After some fiddling I manage to find a select all sprites in layer, trhu the Zorder (you can pick the layer in the Z order tab and it will select all the objects on that layer). Maybe there are other ways but the Zorder tab was the only one where i could pick more than one instance (outside de Layout window).

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  • 2048 seems like a lot of parts since that doesn't include background art (or does it?) I guess it depends on the overall size.

    the compression (PNG) is irrelevant as the images are uncompressed in memory for each Layout.

    Try to reuse sprites wherever possible is good practice.

    during your game print this to the screen to see how much memory you are using for images:

    Set Text to "MEM Usage:" & ImageMemoryUsage

  • Thanks jobel,

    MEMusage 266.38

    oh! ment 2048px parts, there are 29parts for the track:)

    Most of the pieces get much smaller after cropping the transparent part

    No background yet. Will probably resort to some tiledBakground, but I´lll need to add some more features around the track to make the transition. I will reuse heavly the "decorative" sprites, Trees and other features, but the tracks are suposed to emulate the real ones.

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