How do I Make a man fly!?

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  • Hi everybody.

    Can you help me with an easy task (i believe)?

    Do you know the arcade game Superman from the 80's , so i want to remake the first level.

    But i can't make superman Fly!

    How do i stop the sprite in mid-air?

    like ???

    Best regards

  • Hey there, Flash.

    In terms of making superman fly, Id recommend using the 8 direction behavior. If you wanted to have a standard platformer feel and then allow flight, you could toggle it on and off with a button,or possibly by using your jump button with an extra condition that uses a system timer. However, when I watch the video in your link it looks like the 8 direction behavior alone could do the trick. You'd just want to check to see whether the playerbox.Y is greater than a tiled object's Y (like the top of the sidewalk -an additional check for an overlap might also be good depending on your purposes), to set the animations to walking ones.

    In terms of stopping Superman, I think he should stop just fine without extra code.

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  • Hi Ultrafop , thanks for the reply.

    I tried with 8 direction, and it work, but it's too much.

    Is there a way to set only 4 direcition? Because the sprite spin around when i move it.

    thx again

  • You can set the amount of directions and if the sprite angle changes or not from the 8 direction settings. (properties bar)

  • Ok the 8 direction behavior did the trick.

    But now i have a new kind of problem.

    1) I add 8 direction behavior

    2) Setup on 8 direction to use 8 direction and no angle

    3) on Event i set only When keypress UP set Animation fly.

    4) Now it fly thx for the 8 direction it start standing and it fly.

    5) How can i change back to move on platform and walk?

  • I think you can have both the 8 direction and platform behaviors added to the player at the same time. This lead to some strange interaction though, so you will want to disable one when you're using the other and enable it again when you transition between the two. Using the "Set enabled" actions on the behaviors should solve this. You will need to decide how the switch works tho', maybe you automatically switch to flying(8 direction) when you are at a certain height, or maybe you need to activate it by pressing a key. Think about both how to switch to flying and how to switch back.

  • IT WORK!

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