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  • Look i know this is a really dumb question but i need to ask...when working with these pixel art programs how do i get that white background out of the pic so it doesnt show up in the game. I have tried so many times to does this but can't figure it out. Can someone please help me? Thanks!

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  • You havent told us which program your using :)

    In photoshop you can literally erase the background. (keep in mind that some file formats dont allow transparency - so make sure your using one that does (PNG)).

  • oh yeah sorry.......gimp and paint.net are the ones im trying to use. There is just so many items on them and i just can't seem to find the right place to make the background transparent. But i am pretty sure they both save png. Thanks GenkiGenga for your reply :)

  • Haha i know what you mean.

    I had a quick search on gimp and found this, i hope it helps.

    1.Get GIMP.

    2.Open up that image.

    3.Add an Alpha Channel by clicking Layer -> Transparency -> Add Alpha channel.

    4.Launch the Fuzzy Select Tool by pressing the m key.

    5.Click on the background.

    6.Press the Delete key.

    7.Save it as a .png file, as that supports transparency.


  • Another way of doing it is right clicking on the layer in the layer panel and clicking on Add Alpha.

  • Ah ha! Thank you so much it works........i know it seems kinda silly but ive been trying to figure this out for a while. I just felt like it was to dumb to ask. lol! Thanks again!

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