Making a shader effect apply to multiple layers

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  • C2's library of shader effects is excellent, however it presents one major limitation - We cannot make an effect apply across multiple layers.

    Let's assume we are making a game with a few parallaxed background layers and a few layers for the foreground - perhaps a lighting layer, layer for objects in front of player, etc.

    This very common layout has a few very big problems when webGL effects come into the picture.

    Let's consider the problem with layer-wide effects. Perhaps we want to adjust the HSL of the foreground and the background to simulate a night atmosphere. As Construct 2 is at the moment, we have to apply redundant effects to every single layer of the game in order to achieve this. This may not seem like such a problem, however it has huge performance ramifications that only really show their faces at high resolutions. I've done testing in a game with about 8-10 layers and having 10 layer effects is crippling in fullscreen, where the same game with a couple of layout effects runs very smoothly at the same resolution.

    A nice way to fix this problem would be to let us have 'multi-layer' effects. Layout effects as-is are pretty much useless for any game with a UI as-is anyway, so that's not really a valid option.

    Now, I would be very happy to find that there is a way to write my own shader that does this however I feel like this specific problem is hardcoded into the editor.

    Thanks for listening! Let me know if you think this is an important subtle change.

  • I never messed up with layers myself but I can say that it's a viable option for people who like effects

  • 'Bump' This thread disappeared a little too quickly. My fault for posting in How Do I.

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  • Ashley posted something about this here

  • Oh... that's not good news.

    Ashley , is there anything at all we can do about this? My game pretty much hinges on this being added. How complex is this architecture change?

  • Hey ,if the bummer is performance , then you might want to consider pre-rendering the layers that doesn't change ...

  • Whiteclaws, different levels should have different effects, and I can't prerender a whole bunch of levels.

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