Making a "Sniper" game.

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  • Alright, well i checked the "How do I.." FAQs and dont seem to find anything close enough to this, nor can I in the forum itself.

    My goal is to make a game (well this will be just a portion of the actual game) with sniping physics. In which you would see through the eye of said sniper and through the scope at a push of a button. (general view, then scoped view)I cant really seem to figure it out though. I understand the mouse will obviously big one of the largest points here in this.

    Any one think they can help me out?

    P.S. Also if i could get it to where the mouse aims in a side scroll shooter, with out the player's entire sprite moving with it that'd be a plus. Main focus is the sniper part though.

  • You could use the Set Layout Sclale to X function.

    So when you hold Space the camera zooms in, like in this .capx

    To make it better, you could have that when Space is pressed a sprite of the crosss hair would spawn, and when released it dissapears

  • What part exactly are you having trouble with? The zooming? The bullet physics? Wind? Enemy AI? You might need to narrow down the scope (HA!) of your question.

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  • Actually I was Curious as to how to go about the whole idea. emoaeden has a good point there with the zoom. As well with the bullet physics, like drop rate after a certain distance, wind etc. I figured for the kills I'l ljsut make sprites of falling, but is there a way to have it so if the patrolled AI is near an edge it'll fall off rather than just fall to the ground. As well is there a code that can be used for say a detect body.(enemy sees dead ally) I assume I'd use 'Sprite x distance from sprite2 restart layout' or whatever response i decide to put in.

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