Making a puzzle game Flappy Bird [Questions Juridiciais]

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    Grateful for the attention, Gabriel.

  • To be honest I don't understand the question ... Unless your game becomes very popular, you don't need to worry about copyright. There are already thousands of copy games out there (also a lot of Mario clones that use Nintendo's sprites) ... Even so, "Flappy Bird" didn't receive any (official) copyright complain from Nintendo.

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  • Have you even seen how many Flappys there are on Scirra Arcade posted every day ? You know, actually the guy who made flappy bird, the popular one, got accused by local (viatnamese) newspapers that he cloned the idea from another game called Piou Piou vs. Cactus which was released 2 years prior. Source: Wiki

    In your case, right here? Free, I mean non-commerilized, no-ads flappy bird game? I dont see any way you getting in trouble making another one.

  • It is the following: I am concerned mmuito juridiciais with these issues. Because I planned to release a game on google Play and thought this type of game (until my next exit would be an RPG, which is already in development will be more than 3 months).

    But I thank you for answer my doubts. Thank you.

  • NeoBiel - if you are concerned about copyright issues, then just simply don't use anyone else's work. Just make your own or use completely copyright-free artwork.

  • Thank you . This may have been a doubt many users here who use Construct 2.

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