Making the the Player move after frame/skin is changed

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  • So, since the title is a bit vague, I'll go more into detail.

    I am currently working on a game where you have the ability to draw your hero, weapons, etc. And then play with them in-game. So far, you can draw your character, and then print it out into a sprite. But here's the issue, using the screenshot canvas (is what I'm using so far) and applying the screenshot as the skin of the Sprite completely cancels out any movement input from the keyboard.

    Capx: [attachment=0:2qmqo18e][/attachment:2qmqo18e]

    (Uses the latest stable version of Construct 2)

    I removed the "At the Start of Layout" actions, just to see if the main Player sprite moved, and it did. Any suggestions?


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  • Weird. If you click anywhere on the screen after printing, the platform behavior will start to work normally. Trying to find a work around so you don't have to click.


    Apparently, it's a problem with the button object. Apparently it takes the focus out of the game when clicked.

    If you substitute it for a sprite with the same behavior, it will work normally.

    Check this, TabloidA


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