Making objects through or not-solid in Physics

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  • How can I make an object with a Physics behavior able to be not-solid? That is, when the player goes through it, it doesn't collide or move, it just passes through as if it was a ghost?

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  • MarioSuperStar,

    I'm with you here. I would also like to know if this is possible. I could use it right now, and that is what lead me to your thread. I've tried Sushins suggestion a few ways before my forum search, and it is not disabling the solid behavior of my objects.

  • Val , Physics behavior and Solid behavior aren't the same thing

    If you are using solid behavior , I believe there's a way to disable it

    Yep ( Taken from manual )

    Solid actions

    Set enabled

    Enable or disable Solid for this object. If disabled, the object no longer acts as if it is solid, and objects will be able to pass through it. Be careful not to trap objects by enabling the solid again when an

    object is overlapping it; see Avoid crushing/trapping objects with Solids.

  • Whiteclaws

    Thanks for the reply! However the objects do not have a solid behavior. I tried disabling collisions too. So it appears that physics objects have a built in solid behavior, that I cannot figure out how to regulate. I think I will give it a go using density.

  • Thanks guys!

    Now, I have copies of Object A in one layout, but I want to disable only the collisions with an Object B but in one of the copies of Object A, not all of them, or globally. Using the Enable/Disable Collisions in the category Physics: Global Settings disables the collisions with Object B in all of the copies of Object A, and I just want to disable them in one of the copies of Object A.

    Is there a way to individually change this?

  • Good question, I have been looking for a way to make spike or other crushing type enemies / traps inside my game while using physics behaviors and or properties.. I have I made a suggestion to ashley to add motors and prismatic joints to the physics joints and behaviors.. I'm simply wanting a way to make a spike object up and down at a speed and distance I specify, and this is inside my physics based game.. I thought about using a invisible block trigger it to move up and down, but a motor and joint setup for this would be the correct most elegant solution to go with..

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