Making a new "point and click" game

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  • OK, so I want to make at least one playable room with the Free version, which should be doable.

    Then I'll keep on learning other stuff until a 50% discount is up =P

    What's needed for the kind of game I'm aiming:

    • New Font (extremely important)
    • Intro
    • Menu
    • Dialogue System (extremely important)
    • Small Inventory (2-3 Objects Max)
    • Small Character Roster (2-3 Max)

    I've watched a couple of videos about doing Dialogue with Events + Variables but it was completely messy.

    I need a better system, taking text out of a file might be great. I read about some XML plugin? Or maybe there's a better way?

    I think the keyword here is "ramifications". I want this small room to have like 4-5 endings, depending on Dialogue Choices and Objects collected.

    I'm thinking more To The Moon than Monkey Island, and if I have to scrap the inventory system, so be it. I'd rather have more dialogue.

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