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  • Hey guys, I seem to be having some trouble with making a menu system so people can navigate through the game.

    I have looked for info but didnt find any in the tutorials or forum posts.

    I'm actually thinking that it might be a bug with C2

    so I made 3 Layouts(menus)

    The first will have the basic start instructions facebook etc etc. clicking start takes you to to a place where you pick from four "worlds" (this is the second layout)

    When you click on a "world" it take you to the levels in that "world"(this is the third Layout menu which are actually 4 different layouts)

    In the 2nd("worlds layout" and 3rd layout I put clickable/touch sprites. One takes you back to the main menu the other back to the "Worlds menu" where you can pick the "world"

    the events that I used work for going back to the main menu everywhere in the game but dont work for going back to the "worlds menu"

    It actually stutters and flickers for some reason when you click on the "Back to Seasons Menu" button

    Here is the capx file for you guys to check out its a very small file.

    I could really use some help on this and would appreciate some insight

    thanks guys

  • If you select the right side of the button, notice that it doesn't do it. It's not a bug with C2 but rather you have set up touch events so that when you touch the back to seasons button you're already touching the world sprite as they are in the same position on the two layouts. If you hold down the mouse button it just flicks between the two layouts constantly which is what the flickering is.

  • Is it cause it reacts so fast that it registers for both? I mean I could move the buttons and change the size and that pretty much solves this problem.

    Thank you so much for the answer to this. I really appreciate it :)

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  • You could do other little things too, like start the new level with a variable set to 0, and when it detects no buttons are pressed change it to 1.

    Then only count the click on the button if it is already 1.

    In other words, the button isn't clickable until the layout registers a state of no activity.

  • Since I'm using touch controls wouldnt that frustrate little kids cause they might be touching the button and it would work until they stop. I want a good user experience for all :) Thanks for your suggestion Paradox.

  • I agree. Start each layout with touch inputs disabled for a second. It'll stop the constant touch detection and flicking between layouts.

  • +1 for what Plinkie said. I had the same issue a while ago. I basically added a command to wait 0.2 seconds after touch response on each touch input. worked perfectly for me. I didn't want to move the buttons.

  • Thanks again guys for the response. I have put them in :)

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