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    In this game,tilemas move.I want to add that (sprite 1 and sprite2(hanging skull and arrow) to the maps.

    Hanging skull for map1 and arrow for map 2.

    I would do this like this:


        set hangingskull position to Map1.X+blah blah ,Map1.Y + blah blah.

    This will set its position there.What if I want to add multiple instances of skull?

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  • Anyone?

  • I don't understand you, and your game didn't work when I launched it (black screen, bits of sprites here and there).

    If you want to position a sprite, you don't position it "Always", you position it "On created". That way every instance of this object will be positioned on creation. Careful though, if the position is the same, objects will overlap and you won't see the new one.

    Last thing, don't bump a post 2h after, there are a lot of posts here, and also rules, stating 24h. If nobody responded, it may also be that you were not clear. After all, right now, I still don't get what Map1 and Map2 are. I though it were different layouts but it doesn't seem so...

  • Guizmus,

    Map1 and map2 are both tilemaps.They will start moving to left side on start of layout.If one map has reached out of screen,it a next map is randomly selected and placed on the right side of layout so that it will move infinitely.

    See This thread.

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