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  • Dear fellow,

    I have problem when making Cutscene.

    Can anybody help me?

    I am totally newbie in Construct 2.

  • Include a capx, and tell us exactly what you want or don't want to have happen please.

  • Easiest way to do it, this assumes the cinematics aren't created procedurally.

    Create objects :

    1. Player : add 8 direction behavior

    2. Cinematic

                Leave the default animation empty.

                Create a new animation with the frames for your cutscene.

                Set image point top right, apply to all animations

                Set position 0,0

                Set size 640,480.

    3. Npc : add instance variables Cinematic, and StartSeconds

                Cinematic is the animation name you want to play (step2)

                StartSeconds is point in time to start audio from

    Create new layer : set parallax 0,0 move Cinematic to this layer.

    Event sheet

    On touched Npc

    Player is overlapping Npc

          Cinematic set animation : Npc.Cinematic

          Audio Play AudioAll tag "Music"

          Audio seek tag Music npc.StartSeconds

    Cinematic on any finished

          Cinematic set animation : default

          Audio stop tag "Music"

  • Also some of the info in this topic applies..

  • producermark :

    I just want to add a Cutscene to My game.

    It is show the background of my game.


    May I ask for the .capx file?


    Thanks for the information.

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  • you could also do a style similar to

    Group: Cutscene

    var scene_time;

    var scene_start;

    On Function "StartScene"

    scene_time = time;

    scene_start = time;

    On every Tick

    scene_time = time - scene_start;

    // and now the meat of the scene

    if scene_time < 0

    One while true then set camera to left side

    if scene_time < 10

    One while true then change door frame to open. have lady walk in from left to right

    if scene_time < 15

    One while true then stop lady in front of desk

    if scene_time < 16

    One while true then start lady talking about her cheating husband

    this way you have a time set of sequence to create a time based cut scene.

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