how to maintain the angle of the character when it stops?8di

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  • Hello. Please tell me how to do that when you is animation ""playing character is stopped, but he could turn. The behavior of the 8 directions. Management Touch. Controller joystick.

    I did when playing the animation off behavior 8 directions when the animation is over the behavior of the 8 directions included. But then the character froze in place.

    how to do that when you stop (8 direction) angle remained in place. In fact, it takes the value of a multiple of 90 degrees.

    Thank you for attention=)

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  • You probably have an event setting your animation to some kind of "Idle" animation..

    If you have an "idle" animation for each direction, set it on movement end or key released..

  • Camera view from above. I want to know how to stop the movement at the angle remains the same. Now it has the value 0 or 90 or 180 or 270.

    Ipravlenie android joystick.

    Sorry for my English. This Google translator

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