Main app updates perfectly, mirrored version does not???

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  • I created an app to help me (and others) learn French. Thanks to Construct 2 it uses both text-to-speech AND voice recognition (for browsers that support it).

    The main application is on a non-secured (http) page and it works perfectly. I have a loading page that checks to see if there are updates, and if so it downloads them before continuing.

    I am mirroring that page to a different page that uses a shared SSL certificate. (My host does this for me automatically.) This is necessary for users who want to use the voice recognition feature.

    Here's my problem. When I update my app by uploading a new word list, the non-secure app updates perfectly. The secured version does NOT update... unless I use Incognito Mode in Google Chrome.

    The secured app is just a mirror of the non-secure app. They are identical... Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?

    If you are curious, the app is here:

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  • That sounds like a browser issue on your end.

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