Magicam zoom issue (Solved)

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  • linkman2004 (or anyone else who might know the answer)

    I wasn't sure if i should post this in the already quite long magicam thread or if i should just start a new thread so I hope this is the right place)

    I might be missing something really stupid as I haven't been using construct 2 for incredibly long but i have set up my game to zoom according to how close the player is to a bad guy however I have a GUI layer which is set to 0, 0 parallax which works fine accept when the camera zooms for a bad guy it zooms my GUI layer

    I know generally people want a capx to look at but i figured this should be a pretty simple question and not require folks digging through my work

    simply put is there a way to make the magicam "zoom to" action ignore a specified layer (in this case my GUI layer)that I am missing?

  • I forget the solution but did see a post about this last week in the forums... search for hud and scaling maybe?

  • Ah thank you I will keep looking but I haven't found the thread in question yet (I did do the obligatory forum search before posting this but just didn't turn anything up which I thought odd considering this MUST be a fairly common thing for people to want to do)

    That said if anyone should happen across the thread in question it would be great if you could link to it and save me a bit more time but i will keep looking either way.

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  • Oh wow! I can't believe I missed that thread! I feel like such a dunce now. :P Anyway i did another search and as I am sure you have figured out I found what I needed. For those who visit this thread looking for the answer to the issue it is at this link:

    (again I always check the manual first. I have no idea how I missed this one but anyway)Thanks for the help.

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