How do I make magic dust and other cool things

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  • Hello wonderful people So many of you may have probably seen this youtube video

    youtube. com/watch?v=bNmBGXaURx4&list=PL4ADE4E2B28853ACA&index=10

    The game itself looks gorgeous, but I've been on the forms trying to find a tutorial on how to animate trees like that and get magic dust as well and have flower pellets fall from the tree, but I cant seem to fully figure it out....

    correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm thinking that the sine behavior is used a lot in this game.

    If someone creates a capx file also, I can reward them with some free to use art.

    Can you construct Wizards please help the community and myself out by telling us how to do these things?

    1.How to have magic dust floating around and fading out.

    2.How to animate the trees.

    3.How to have flower pellets falling from the tree.

  • My guess would be particles..

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  • 1 is definitely particle effects. 2 looks like a mix of very subtle manual animation (Spriter would handle this nicely) of the tree trunks, and either manually animated leaves or just creating a separate object that's given the sine->rotation behaviour. You could also do the tree entirely in Construct with a mix of the sine and pin behaviours with separate trunk and branch objects. Judging by the random angle of the leaves, 3 is either a few different particle effects or a jury-rigged particle emitter that uses sprites with some sort of movement behaviour (probably bullet).

    Getting the particles to behave in the exact way that you want will take some practice, but here's an example to get you started.


  • Oh the power of particles!!!

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