How do I Made a multiplayer none game

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  • I 'm in a part of a group for traning body. for comming to a meeting, we have to subscribe ourselves to a list. I wanna make an app that will record our name online.

    I would like that each part of members could subscribe themselves to a list by entering their name. I know how to do it, but I don't know how to bring the "multiplayer" side.

    for exemple, I subscribe myself to this list. How can I do for let the others members seing my name in their app.

  • I would recommending using Google Forms/Sheets.

    Do you have an example of your app without multiplayer part? If you create that and share the capx, it would be a much better place to start from, in terms of getting help.

  • thanks for reply oosyrag. I did'nt started the project. I just wanna know how local storage will manage online information. Because each members that will use the app will store his name on the app.

    what is google forms/sheets?

    I cheked google forms/sheets yeah, that's look like what I want but I would like the same things as an app on android for exemple.

  • You will need a server/host that is always on, so your user/peer apps have something to connect to for checking in. Your server will use its own localstorage to record information, which it can pass to the peers on request.

    Google docs are accessible from android apps - they have an app to look at the sheet, and you can fill out the form with any browser.

  • so I can use google docs as a server/host?

    how can I use google docs with construct 2?

  • No I meant google docs by itself has all the functionality you seemed to be looking for.

    I don't know if you can interface with C2.

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  • Just upload the capx?

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