How do I Make the Mac exported game work on my mac?

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  • Hey guys. I have a short game that I just tested out. I exported to Windows,Mac,Linux. Windows work flawlessly. Linux Had some problems, but I can run the Linux executable just fine. But the Mac version doesn't work. I read the instructions{} but didn't get anywhere. Does anybody here knows how to get the mac version running?

    Plus, I'm using Yosemite

  • you have a Mac PC with YosemiteOS but C2 run only on Windows, so let me understand, if you want to export for Mac from a Windows PC, via nw.js, i suggest to you use C3 directly from your Mac and export your nw.js game. Otherwise, always C3, from windows PC export via ".zip" file that don't affect files permissions, then copy and extract this zip into your Mac.

    from what i have understand, export from Windows PC, from C2 for Mac it's impossible.

  • so there is no way of doing this?

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  • so there is no way of doing this?

    "On Mac OS X, there are actually several files inside the app package that need to be executable. The easiest way to preserve the permissions is to copy the exported project using OS X instead of Windows. If you network a Windows and OS X machine together, log in to Windows, and copy the files to the OS X system, it isn't aware of the file permissions and can lose the execute permission, causing the resulting app to fail to run on OS X. However if you log in to OS X and copy the files from the Windows system, it preserves the permissions and should produce an app that can run."

    this is the standard procedure, if don't work open a "BUG" discussion

  • But can this be done on vmware?

  • But can this be done on vmware?

    I don't know

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