Ludei splash screen flickering.

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  • When my game starts the ludei splash screen goes to flickering...

    Anyone knows how to solve this issue?

    I have added to all my layouts:

    on Start of Layout -> scroll to (0,0)

    But it does not work.

    <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Thx in advance...

  • Does it on all my Cocoon Games too. Figured Ludei would have it fixed in their next release It's best to report it to Ludei though as it's not a construct 2 issue.

  • Ok, thanks...

    I will write something to ludei board, maybe it could help or accelerate the fix...

  • hi, i've used coconnjs and i have some problem that were not in the test version:

    1- The mute doesn't work for every sound

    2- If you turn off the screen or leave the app, the screen will only show the lower part of the layout when you go back to the app.

    When i was testing everything was fine but when i've tried it from the playstore i've noticed those bug.

    Do you experience those kind of thing?

  • I'm also getting this issue. It's a CocoonJS problem? Sigh.

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  • I dont get it on my S3 but ive seen it with the same APK on a sony xperia

  • Could anyone already find a fix, hack or work around for this?

    We can not pass the submission to the Samsung App Store because of this!

    Ludei said that they entered it in their bug database, but could not provide a fix date :(

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