<SOLVED> Global Variable to Wait issue

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  • Hi Everybody

    I have been fiddling with this event for .... ( too embarrassed to say how long actually -- tooo long)

    and I can?t seem to get it to work properly.

    I hope someone can please help me.

    What I want to happen is:

    When ?Y? object is touched, it will spawn the ?Z? object, then wait a moment ( determined by Global Variable WAIT) and then restart layout.

    It works fine if I enter the exact number of seconds in the System>Wait dialog,

    but if I enter the WAIT global variable ( as pictured below) instead of the exact number of seconds it has a short delay but NOT the number of seconds expressed in the WAIT global variable.

    (I have used 10 and 20 seconds as extreme examples BTW)

    Help Please, see capx and image.<img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/139486255/Image/wait_example.jpg" border="0">

    Click Here for capx

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  • Events 2 & 3 don't do anything. You are Waiting 1 second, which is exactly what you told it to do with 'Set Wait to 1'.

  • oooohhhhh, I see... I was wondering why it was waiting 1 second...

    what a time saver !

    now I know.


    thanks so much.

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