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  • My game (a simple card game) has to work in mobile web browsers, and it is currently running at 7fps (in Chrome for Android, for example). The card has to play an animation when I click on it, and this animation is playing very slow for this reason, even if I set its speed to 60fps in Construct. Does anyone know what is going on or how to solve this problem?

    Thank You.

  • Maybe using the debug you can observe what resource is spending more memory and cpu utilization of your computer, also, if your game have any looping while trying to set the animation.

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  • Telles, thank you for your help!

    I have no problems with loops and the memory/cpu utilization is Normal (low). Any idea what else could it be? Some problem with the canvas or WebGL?

    Thank you again.

  • You're using any physic object?

  • No physic object... To flip a card, the action is only a touch event (on touched) which makes a 12-frame animation happen

    Thank you.

  • i had posted something like this not so long ago.i had 125 png's of animation and no mater how fast i set the playback speed it never went over in my guess 20 per sec.so one animation lasted 6 sec!! i never figured what was wrong and why construct since it runs in 60 ticks it didn't run my animation in 2 sec approximately . so i re-created my animation to 30 png's and it worked as intended .but you say you have only 12 png's, so this does not make sense .my gut tells me it is a very minor bug ,but who knows?!

  • Thanks man, I will keep trying.

  • This isn't really related to the arcade. Moved to How do I...

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