A lot of questions about random appearances for sprites

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  • I'm working on a game where you're prompted to make a sandwich with an image of a random sandwich: in the example image a lettuce, meat tomato, and mustard sandwich.

    And I have a lot of questions on how to handle this and how to keep the memory manageable because with 16 fillings and 16 possible sandwiches I foresee a lot of events.

    In the game you have to correctly make 4 sandwiches from the ingredients shown.

    Okay here's the list of questions:

    1. How can I randomize the appearance of sandwiches?

    2. I want the sandwiches to vanish after five seconds then five seconds later reappear for 1-2 seconds and repeat.

    3. I want the ingredients to be placed (this is a drag and drop game) in a certain order how can I make the ingredient "return" to the tray if the player tries to add a correct ingredient but in the wrong order?

    4. How can I "shuffle" the fillings for each new sandwich?

    5. For the sandwiches how can I ensure that there's a different 4 sandwich combination each time the game is played?


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