How do I Make a lot of levels

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  • I wanted to make a big game with at least 20 levels. But my computer can't take more than about 13 layouts. Is there any way to combine projects to work as a next level and remembering the last project? Is there a way to make levels with only a couple of layouts? Also, I would like it so at the begining of the game there is a level selection screen and it keeps track of what levels you have done. Please let me know how you do it.

  • First things first:

    What genre of game are you making?

    Is it platformer, RPG, infinite runner etc?

    Platform games can be made all in one layout using layers or by random placing platforms and enemies.

    RPG can also be made all on the same layout using different layers and random placing of enemies, objects, friendlies and obstacles.

    I rarely use more than 3 layouts in any game I make and one of those is a menu and one is for storage of items for inventory or maybe a special scene like transferring from outside to an inside perspective.

  • How do you use layers to make a level and go to a new one?

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  • Another option is to have the levels as .json and populate levels either directly from the .json or use the .json to fill an array and iterate through the array to create your level.

    In this scenario, you could possibly get away with 2 or 3 Layouts, one of which would be just to store an instance of gfx.

    Many good examples of level design are available by searching the forums and tutorials.

  • Forgive my English, use the translator to help you. I'm finishing a 20 level game and I did it with 22 layouts, 20 for levels, one for level selection and one for the start screen, and it works pretty well. When you reach the end of a level, place a sprite in the form of a column and when you hit the sprite, the options screen will appear, if you want to go to the next level, you give the next level sprite (with the option "go to Next layout "), otherwise you can go to the level selection screen and it looks pretty good.

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