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  • I just want to start by saying that I love this behaviour. I've been using events to do the equivalent for a long time now and this is much faster, although (this is where my question comes in) is there a way to include the obstacles amongst objects the behaviour can see. For example, in the provided demo, I'd like to have the walls be effected the same way the pigs are, but not the pigs behind the wall. Again, I've been eventing this in the past, but the behaviour is so much faster that I'd like to use it instead... any ideas?

  • What about using an invisible sprite/wall on top of a visible one?

  • Extra sprites use extra overhead and all that jazz. This is being used in a Metroidvania style concept and all of the level data is coming out of arrays. If I can keep my object usage as efficient as I can, then I can have more going on onscreen at any one time. But for something smaller scale, I probably would use something like that. If I knew any coding at all, then I'd try modding the behaviour myself to incorporate something like "Include Obstacles (yes/no)", but I don't, so I won't lol

  • Understood. It would be nice to have the ability to pick objects, I agree :).

  • Hmmm, also, is it better to have one object checking everything for LOS? Or everything checking for one object... I'm guessing the former, but does anyone have any input?

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  • I'd like to know this as well, i'm creating a metroidvania style map too. I didn't know they have a behavior for that now, that's awesome!

  • The more I use LOS the more I'm finding I'm going back to my old eventing ways of doing it :( I just need more usage than it offers right now. Not being able to pick the objects that act as obstacles is really hindering... Once again, if I knew anything about JS I'd get right on it, but the entire reason I use C2 is because hard coding severely hurts my brain lol (it helps that C2 is the best too...just sayin')

    I don't suppose anyone has any advice on how to approach modding the behaviour for this? I'm not asking for anyone to do it, but even just to point me in the direction of how to start tinkering with modding this extra option would be incredibly helpful. All I want is the ability to have the obstacles themselves be seeable (ie pickable) by the behaviour. Unless it can do this already and I'm completely doing it wrong, but so far, I've had no luck whatsoever...

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