Loot Drops and making it feel nice

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  • whats up everyone im trying to learn how to make my loot that drops from my monsters when killed look more appealing.

    Im using physics on my items to give them a nice look when dropping from the enemy but it just does not look right. Ive seen so many AAA games with nice loot dropping but i cant seem to remake it.

    what im aiming for is something similar to Terraria and i feel like im not getting the settings right for the gravity....ect.

    Does anyone know how to make this happen in a very smooth way? In basic terms all im trying to complete is making my enemy item drops look cool, Ive seen plenty of threads talking about how to code the actual drop but none talking about adding physics to the drops that spawn.

  • Maybe give the loot some velocity too when it's spawned. To make an explosion just give an impulse in a random direction. Probably more satisfying would be to make the loot launch away from the player.

    I don't have access to C2 currently but probably something like this:

    Create loot

    Loot: apply impulse -3 toward position (player.x, player.y)

  • Well, I like to use impulse like R0J0 said.

    My rock is "solid", but you can do your drop look very close to your desire by doing animations or at least using variables and changing manually their position and degrees.

    For a movement like Terraria, it should go in parabolic trajectory until it reach the ground. It can be achieved by making a math or using the Sin behavior, where you can randomize [using random() or choose()] the speed and values easily.

  • TELLES0808 would litetween work? im using it alot throughout the project and it would be cool if it could work as that kind of effect.

  • R0J0hound im actually using that method right now but i must need to tweak and play with the settings alittle more. Im not really liking the outcome of how its looking right now.

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  • If you don't want to use physics you can also use the bullet behaviour if you tweak the settings enough you can get some nice bouncy drops. I tend to spawn 4 or 5 things, randomize the angles slightly and randomize the scale and speeds a bit. The settings I'm using are speed: 500, acceleration: -500 gravity: 1000, bounce of solids: yes, set angle: yes - and it seems to work ok for what I need. Don't know on what the cpu footprint is compared to using physics but it gives a similar result.

  • signaljacker thank you for the feedback! i will test out a few with bullet and see how it feels. I like the gravity approach but it seemed i just needed to tweak the settings. I have it looking somewhat appealing at the moment so i will move on to my next task. Thank you guys for your responses.

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