Loosing my mind, complex attack animation

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  • So yeah as you can see I am loosing my mind . But seriously.

    Anyway here is the thing I want to make a great attack combo sequence but everything i do just doesn't seem to work. I have tried quit a bit of different events and if you take a look at my previous posts you will see I am constantly fighting it.

    So what do I need? Well, I need help. A lot of it if possible, and I really can't continue trying because I don't have enough experience jet, so I would be very very grateful if you could help me.

    Well let me get to the point.

    I have 4 different attack animations. Light attack 1 (LA1), Light attack 2 (LA2) , Heavy attack 1(HA1), Heavy attack 2(HA2)

    A-activates LA 1

    pressing A again starts LA2, spamming A will spam LA2

    S-activates HA1

    pressing S again starts HA2,spamming S will spam HA2

    But the thing is that you should be able to combine those 4.

    Now imagine this is a combo sequence this is how it should go

    A,A,A,A / LA1,LA2,LA2,LA2

    S,S,S,S / HA1,HA2,HA2,HA2

    A,A,S,S / LA1,LA2,HA2,HA2

    S,A,A,S,S / HA1,LA2,LA2,HA2,HA2

    That's it I think , thanks in advance.

  • I dunno how they do it in fighting games. But my guess is that they use a timer and during X time they listen for another keypress.

    So in short, while the timer is not 0, you add keystrokes to a variable. And when the Timer reaches is limit, the variable is reset.

    The only downside i can see with this is that a normal attack that is not a combo would take a little longer to execute as you need a little delay before you execute the action. But the timer time needs to be really short.

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  • Here is an example of how you can do it, I don't think it does exactly what you need, but it might give you some idea of how you can make it.

    It just uses as list where each attack type is stored (Light attack, Heavy attack) When the list reaches 4 attacks, it will call the function "Execute attack" and in that function you can specify what should happen when a certain combo is made. In my example it only deals with up to 4 "Light attacks" but should show you how you could make the others if that is what you need.

    Also it uses an automatic execute counter, so if the player haven't pressed any attack for 2 seconds it will just execute whatever attack combo is in the list. Anyway maybe It can give you some ideas of how to make what you want.


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