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  • I have a simple model with the torso attached to the player box and the head/limbs attached to the torso. The limbs can then rotate around their origin points (as demonstrated by the characters left arm when jumping).

    I was planning to do some more animation and make a simple game for the girl that drew the character <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    However, the character's right arm (left side of screen) seems slightly loose and it has lag when moving in any direction.

    This is odd as it is connected in the same way as all of the other body parts and they are all firmly attached.

    What is the cause of this?

    Is it a bug?

    How do I fix it?

    Included the capx and also a shortcut to the game itself, hosted on Dropbox:





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  • event 2 and 3 you have an action to set the angle of the left arm while jumping and falling but not one for the right arm.

  • Yeah but even though there is no event, it still moves with a slight delay, compared to the body/torso/head/legs.

    It doesn't rotate, but it seems to have a 1ms or so delay when the platform is moved horizontally/vertically.

    It is a nice effect, but I'm not sure how it has come about, how I can avoid it, and also how I can repeat it..

  • I was playing with rope pinning, but changed everything to pin at a fixed position, so I guess there could be some type of bug with leftover information in the change.

    Curious if the same effect is evident on other people's computers or just mine?


    [EDIT: Updated Original post to include the uploaded 'game' and the same problem is still evident.. I have also turned off the left arm rotation so that one can better compare the two. The only events that are running are a platform box with torso pinned to it, and head/arms/legs pinned to the torso, so the cause of the extra wobble to the right arm only, is beyond me..]

  • pin the right arm to the player instead of the herobody (from original capx), appears to fix the problem

  • I actually deleted the arm and added a brand new arm which I re-pinned again to the heroBody and this solved the problem, so I guess it was just a bug with that arm object.

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