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  • Hey, is there any possible way I can have a video looping in the background of a game? I've tried iFrame, but whatever I seem to do, it just loads over all of my other objects which is not what I want. Any help is appreciated. Thank you, Rogalog.

  • If you're using the Video plugin, I'd say there's no chance to play it underneath the canvas. Just open a console ( in Chrome or Firefox/Firebug ) and observe where the video object is position relatively to the canvas one. You'll see what I mean.

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  • If you have a short-animated video, you may add it as a sprite, frame by frame, although you'll have to be careful with the size, and whether you want to export it to mobiles or just PC.

  • Thank you for the replies, I see that the Video Plugin will not work, as it completely covers the screen. As for jegcelorio's post, the video is only about 9 seconds long and I want it on repeat. How would I go about splitting it into frames as you suggested?

  • You may want to import the video into a video editor and there from to export all the frames individually. Photoshop ( late versions ) might be able also to do this.

  • Okay, just tried that. Split it into 200 frames, and even with 200 frames the quality is pretty bad. Doesn't look like this is possible then. :( Maybe something which allows videos to be put behind objects will pop up in the future.

    Thanks for the help anyway guys, greatly appreciated.

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