Looping sound is MUCH lower in volume on web than android???

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  • I'm stumped.. maybe I'm missing something. Basically, I have the game loop a sound file. It works PERFECT when exported to a webpage, but when I export it to android format, it does NOT play the looped sound. The other sounds (that only play once on specified events) work perfectly on both the web and android. What am I missing?

    Here is the command I used to have it loop the sound:

    System - on start of layout - Play "sound1" looping at volume 0 db (tag "sound1")

    Again.. it works perfect and loops on a webpage, but when I export it into android it does NOT play the sound at all. Here is the command I used to play a different sound when a particular event happens and NOT loop. This works perfect on both a website and android:

    Mouse - Cursor is over picture - Play sound2 not looping at volume 0 db (tag "sound2")

    Anybody have any ideas?

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  • Doh! Out of desperation, I put the speaker to my ear in android and I can very very very faintly hear the sound looping... so I guess it is looping correctly. HOWEVER, all of the other sounds that play once are MUCH louder in android (just the looping sounds have a much lower volume -- and all of the sounds have the same db setting in the game)... but when I play the game on the web all of the sound volumes are the same... Hmm... Any ideas?

    I guess I can try and increase the db level in the game.. but I fear that it may make the sounds toooooo loud on the web... am I missing something simple?

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