Looping a song with an intro

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  • I've got a song (and very likely going to be several) that start with an intro, finish the song, and then loop back to the end of the intro. Is it possible to set the loop start point of a song, OR to set the playback position of a song to a specific time (example: set position to 0:08)?

    I can always get the songs split into 2 audio files, but I'd much rather handle looping in a "nicer" fashion. Can I do that?

  • Hi There MoscowModder,

    I have used many sound files of all different types in my game. What I would do is have the intro as one file. the ending of the intro/outro as another file and then obviously your song track. Finally play each file in order e.g

    1 intro file

    2 song file

    3 outro file

    You can then use this method for all your other songs. I use Audacity to edit my sound files, its Free and very good. Once you have edited the intro and outro they will be perfect for your other songs.

    Hope that helps


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  • Bummer. Well, thanks for letting me know.

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