how to loop unloop tracks and sound effects

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  • Hello all, i found it very difficult to figure out how to stop a sound from looping when it starts to play and i feel completely retarded for not figuring out this simple problem.

    the way i have it set up atm is

    When AXE is created ->> Play "AXE WOOSH" on loop at -10DBS

    When AXE is destroyed ->> STOP "AXE WOOSH"


    When AXE is destroyed ->> MUTE "AXE WOOSH"

    When AXE is destroyed ->> MUTE "AXE WOOSH.ogg"

    When AXE is destroyed ->> MUTE "AXE WOOSH.m4a"


    and this does not seem to work at all...

  • Hmm, I have used various audio thingies by now, and that never was a problem..

    What was a problem for me occassionally is that I generated more "play Xsomething" then i realised, which lead to sound continously being geenerated / played.

    Also, I have a fallback in on of my apps, where somehow the music kept playing on layout load/reload ... so I added a stop all.

  • i have been using the stop all as well, however now that music has been added i cant use this short cut anymore because obviously it makes the music sound silly.

  • You have to use tags for the audio and not the audio name.

    so, play "AXE WOOSH" with tag "AUDIOTAG"

    stop audio with tag "AUDIOTAG"

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  • Ah ha! so that's how it works, Thanks!

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