This loop is not doing what i think it should

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  • [attachment=0:1ed82xj1][/attachment:1ed82xj1]

    I think this should send 4 arrays as json, each 7 values long, but its only sending the last one. Can anyone explain why this is not doing what I think it should?

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  • [attachment=0:19fekekv][/attachment:19fekekv]

    Had errors with array names, and I have found using browser logs that the loop works fine (had browser print out the loop and the cardArray, and those are all formed well), but messages still only go to the last messagee (ie: randomizer.At(3). randomizer stores PeerIDs in an array. The IDs are correct.

    If in the messaging action I replace randomizer.At(2) manually it still never sends to player 2. Neither player 1.

    I replaced randomizer with built-in PeerID.At and still, only ..At(3) gets a message.

    Confused. Any light would be appreciated.

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