How do I loop music gapless on mobile?

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  • Am I the only one having issues making my music files loop without a tiny delay when played back on mobile (crosswalk for android)?

    Testing it on desktop works fine, but when it's exported there is this tiny delay before the file plays again.

    In my loader layout I have tried to preload the audio files on start of the layout as well, but it doesn't seem to change anything.

    Kind of annoying.

    Edit: another audio related issue I don't understand is that even if I have the Stop all audio action on start of one of my layout, it happens from time to time that a music file that was playing in the previous layout (with loop=yes) continues to play when opening the layout where I stop all audio...

  • The smaller the audio file the better. also choosing the smallest bit rate will help too .

  • I had the same issue, a slight delay after my music, wouldnt loop seamlessly, I fixed it by Placing the music I was trying to loop in the "Sounds" folder instead of the "Music" folder. Not sure if that'l work for you but it did for me. Try that out.

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  • Not sure if there is a better way but this worked for me as well, putting looped audio into the sounds folder

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