Loop to create sprite, but need random frame

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  • I can't seem to figure this out. I'm trying to place a grass sprite that contains three "levels" of grass. It's all for effect, non-interactive graphics. I do it this way:


    System, On start of layout: Function, Call "PlaceGrass"()

    Function, On "PlaceGrass"

    --System, Repeat 600 times: System, Create object Sprite on layer 0 at (random(0,WindowWidth),random(0,WindowHeight))

    Sprite, On created: Sprite, Set animation frame to random(0,2)


    Yet when I run the code it sets the grass sprite like I want, but the frames are all the same. Could anyone help me out with this? Thank you in advance.

  • Make sure your Animation speed is set to 0 on the Default animation. Also use int(random(0,3)).

  • You also don't need "Sprite, On created: Sprite, Set animation frame to random(0,2)", you can put just "Sprite, Set animation frame to random(0,2)" under the "create object" line.

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  • Yeah I've tried both things and neither worked. I have tried quite a bit of options and nothing seems to isolate each one on their own. Look under "FloraGen" event sheet.


  • It is working! (Change the 2 to a 3 like I said though). The problem is your frames 1 & 2 are so close in colour to the background you can't see them. Change your background and you'll see the other grass is there.

  • No 0,2 is correct there are 3 frames and its zero count based therefore 0,1,2 are the frames you want to pick from

  • From the manual:



    Generate a random float from 0 to x, not including x. E.g. random(4) can generate 0, 2.5, 3.29293, but not 4. Use floor(random(4)) to generate just the whole numbers 0, 1, 2, 3.

  • ok that might be right idk I normally use Round(random(x,y) or floor, ect i havent used just random in awhile i thought it would

  • Awesome, thanks guys! After looking at it the grass sprites seem kind of bleh. I can't believe I didn't think about the colors being too close!!!

    Edit: I changed the number of times it runs (down to 150) and the graphics look fine. I had it doing it too often that it was all globbed together in a mess. But again, thanks guys!

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