How do I loop audio seamlessly

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  • Hi all,

    Apologies for this question if it's answered elsewhere, however, on searching for an answer I seem to be going in circles (loops?) to no avail.

    I'm aware that both mp3 and ogg do not loop seamlessly, and there is no support for wav (which as far as I'm aware does loop nicely). Does anyone know of a work around for this? This is for use with nw.js

    Thanks in advance,


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  • dan, I think that the problem with audio loop is where you cut (finish) it and not the type of file (wav, ogg or mp3). If you cut it in the place that when start again will not sounds ugly, will merge/loop perfect.

  • I can't notice any gaps for looped music in a project of mine and would agree with frcol ( this has 3 short loops on menu, load and game screen). An example showcasing the problem would be helpful.

  • Thank you both for your replies, and thankfully after a little messing about I've fixed the looping problem.

    If you import either ogg or wav in as music, then trigger this as looping, there is a slight delay between each loop.

    If you import either ogg or wav in as a sound, and trigger as looping, it works absolutely perfectly.

    I've uploaded a quick video to YouTube of both imports. This probably wasn't the ideal loop to use, but it does demonstrate it working one way and not the other

    Thanks again,


  • Kind of weird, since it works seamless for me in either category. Well, audio sometimes is weird, maybe we use different browsers and because of this notice different behaviors.

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