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  • Hello,

    I'm new to the forum and to the C2 soft.

    I'm sorry to ask this because I found a lot of tutorials and question about this on the forum but so far nothing helped me. It's probably a noob things that I can't figure out but it's been like 4 hours now that I'm trying and searching all over internet.

    What I'm trying to do :

    Animate a Sprite constantly, this mean for exemple making a robot turn on him self.

    I used the free bundle to get a well designed robot (Sprites/Spaces/Ennemies)

    So I added a Sprite and added 5 differents images of this sprite in different position supposed to be animation. On the Edit animation window in the left propreties tab and I switched loop to on. ( Must I do it to all 5 images ? or just 1 ? Tryed both by the way )

    So after I tryed to drag the Sprite on the layout and run it. It was not animated, juste the first is displayed.

    So i tryed different event :

    System / Every Tick / Sprite / Start animation from beginning / current frame.

    => still no animation

    System / On start of layout / Sprite / Start animation from beginning / current frame.

    => still no animation

    Sprites / Is animation "A0" / Sprit / Start animation from beginning / current frame.

    => pretty sure it's not what to do and "Is animation" is a test to check if it play... but couldn't find any intuitive parameter.

    Please help me :(

  • Hmm, strange. Do you think you could upload the .capx to a filehost like dropbox so we can have a look and see what's wrong?

  • yeah sure sorry i didn't do it in the first place :


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  • I reuploadded it somewhere else since when I try to download on easy share file it seems to be off line now so :


  • Havent looked at the specific capx, but off the top of my head here's a few things....

    System / On start of layout / Sprite / Start animation from beginning / current frame.

    is the correct usage for starting an animation.

    When it asks you in the dialog box to specify which animation by name make sure you spell it the exact same way as you named the animation when you were adding the frames to the sprite. and it should have "quotes" around it.

    Next. Click the animation name in the list of animations with the sprite sheet open and in the properties box in the upper left, make sure speed is set to something like 15

    Also make sure "looping" is set to YES

    also, each frame of the animation click it and set its own "frame speed" to something greater than 0 if its not already.

  • "When it asks you in the dialog box to specify which animation by name"

    It doesn't really ask me ?

    Is it suppose to ask something ? isn't it for a specific frame to animate ( like on : press key go to frame 2 )

    the only dialog box i get is for Current or begining

    It's so weird

    To be clear what i search is something like that :


    a constant moving object like how Gif picture work frame by frame in a loop.

  • (sorry for double post)

    Also , i already tryed different speed it was 5 by default and it's on 1 actualy on the cpax version that i uploaded. But anyway I tryed a different amount of value there too and nothing helped.

  • You should use "Set animation" and not "Start". "Start" will start the current animation from beginning or current frame, you have to set the animation to get it to change from the default animation.

  • You set your images as a different animations instead of frames.

    When you open Edit image editor for your sprite on the right you have Animation window - just need to set one in here.

    On the bottom you should have Animation frames window - there sn image of your sprite with "0" below it.

    That number "0" is your frame number.

    Animation plays and loops through animation frames. What you did is you have set 5 different animations with 1 frame each only.

    Animations are for grouping stuff like: walk, shoot, run, jump.

    Each animation is made of frames, like on the image here.

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/34375299/Construct%202/bugs%20and%20fixes/animationframes.JPG" border="0" />

  • I think I already tryed it before.

    But I tryed it again now and no still nothing ...

    It's indeed asking me which animation now

    So i put the name of the first picture a.k.a "A0" for me

    that A0 is set to loop on and speed 5

    on my sheet :

    System / on Start of layout / Sprite / set animation to A0 (play from begining )

    I think I miss something very stupid

    So I'll explain step by step what i do :

    right click , insert new object , sprite.

    right click on this sprit, edit animation, open image1.

    in the animation window , right click add animation , left click on that new animation there a blank window where i open image 2.

    Etc... for 5 images.

    so basicly is something like

    img 1 .O.

    img 2 .O/

    img 3 \o.

    img 4 \O/

    img 5 o//

    What i'd like is when i run layout the sprit move all those image in a loop ( like a gif picture or something like that )

  • AAAAAAW !!! that window was hidden out of any see for any reason I ignore :s

    Oh god really sorry to bother you with some stupid things like that... I knew it was a bad move like that...

    Well i spent all afternoon and night on it so :(

    Anyway I'm very thankful for your help.

    Really thanks, and sorry for my bad english.

    Live long and prosper

  • No problem.

    You learned animations workflow the hard way ;)

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