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  • made a card game, more specifically shit head... (pardon the language) not seen this one since neo pets..(depressing)

    the trouble is when you can't go, you must pick up.

    I made it so on "pick up" touched "empty" is set

    on "empty" set each card overlapping the "pile" is transferred to your hand. got it so it doesn't overlap with a function to...

    (err i hate functions... thats the answer isn't it.... i tried it and c2 crashed so still goina post)

    ...move a placement cursor. this works if there is no end to the loop, but stops the game.

    If there is a condition, even a "pile" has nothing overlapping event. it just stops after removing 1 card

    construct 2 seems to be powerfull to a certain extent of logic... you can see y i re frame from using unity if i get these problems in 2d

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