looking for working typing example {SOLVED}

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  • Hey guys I'm playing around with some options for a type writer effect....

    here is what I mean i have a text object

    I have a textbox

    coded three predefined globals

    1) help

    2) command1

    3) command2

    user types in the text box "help" , "command1" or "command2" and the text object triggers the group "type"

    now it works fine for the FIRST instance but if you type another command it dons't change... tried a few different options like on enter released changing the globals back to default but that didn't work either...

    any ideas how to have this spit out the recommended text per command issued... ??

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  • I need a way to convert global messageLength back to 1 after it has spit out the contents of message... but seems no matter where I do it - it then just keeps looping the type group as messageLenghth is back to < len(message)

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