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  • This is what I have:

    4 sprites that randomly appear in 2 separate boxes.

    6 sprites that slide back and forth

    Each sprite ( the 4 for the boxes and the 6 sliding) have their own eventsheet

    When any of the 4 sprites overlap another inside a box then one of them gets destroyed and it triggers one of the sliding sprites to slide back and forth.

    ( sort of like: if sprite 1 overlaps sprite 2 then destroy sprite 2 and call sliding event sheet)

    So basically the action of an overlapping sprite in one of the 2 boxes causes one of the sprites to slide back and forth.

    What I would like to know is if anyone is willing to look this over and tell me if I am doing this properly or if there is a better way to do it.

    It all works it just feels like I could be streamlining it but don't know how

    Just a little clear up so you're not confused.

    I also have sprites called "L" and R" for each sliding position

    each "L" and R" is pinned ( there is an event sheet called "pin" to a specific floor ( for lack of a better word)

    What this does is let's me pin the "L" and the "R" onto each floor so that:

    1. it gives my sliding sprite a starting point and let's it slide to the "L" side of the floor and back to the "R" side of the floor

    2. I plan on making the floors randomize at some point and want to keep the "L" and the "R" in their proper positions.

    A little confusing I know but you'll see what I mean

  • 20 views...no replies?

    At least let me know if someone is actually looking at it to help or looking at it just to look at

    capx removed.

    I will repost capx when and if someone is willing to look at it and give me some advice.

  • Well, it's alot harder to try helping you now that you removed the capx

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  • sent ya a PM caiorosisca

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