Looking for Drag racing tutorials?

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  • Hi All,

    I'm looking for any decent tutorials regarding drag racing games? Ideally with shifting mechanic as this is a main feature.



  • Well, I'm afraid this is a bit vague.

    Dragster is basically a straight line race. So using the bullet behavior for your object will allow you to move it in a straight trajectory.

    As for shifting mechanic, I guess there are several ways of doing it.

    As I can remember in the drag races of Need for speed underground for example, you have a counter that displays the engine's RPM. And when the engine's is in a certain range of RPM you press a key to gear up, which ends up lowering the current RPM but also changes the next "gear up" range and the current "max RPM" that can be reached.

    Would that be what you are looking for ?

    If not, then you have to break down the mechanic of what should happen, this will make it easier to determine how to implement it.

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  • Hi Kyatric, thank you for replying.

    You're right, that's exactly what I'm after and sorry for being vague.

    I'm wanting to create a game similar to the old need for speed underground. Not interested in the 3d graphics aspect of the game as I want it to be more retro.

    I'm wanting a tutorial to start me off creating the basics of the game. to be more specific;

    Top down view, starting line with countdown, RPM, changing gear at specific points, records time.

    Cheers again.

  • As mentioned, you probably won't find an exact single tutorial that explains how to make this specific type of game.

    But looking at the beginner's tutorials, you will get the hang of how C2 works. Looking at the how do I FAQ you will see how to implement specific mechanics that you can use and modify to adapt to your needs.

    Checking out the manual will let you know what tools your are working with.

    You need to break down specifically down to what you are wanting to achieve, step by step to then know and understand what you need to do.

    An example, you could use vertical scrolling to simulate the fact that the vehicle is moving. The scrolling mechanic you can find in the how do I FAQ in the section scrolling/camera.

    Then the acceleration of your car is pretty much controlling the speed of this scrolling, so both are linked.

    And so on.

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