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  • What do you call this: I have a man facing right. I have 8 way movement. When I press the right key to goes to the right. When I press the down key he goes down, but he rotate 90 deg to the right. So I need to change the photo of the man. I mad 4 photo of the man right, left, up and down. How do i change the photo of the man when i press the arrow key to the photo i want to be there? I don't know what you would call this for me to look up,

    if you can point me to a tut or where it would be in the manual.

    Thank you


  • Are you referring to rpg type movement?

    If so, and even if not, the pinned 'How Do I FAQ' has lots of useful links to such things as animation and movement types.

  • seeing i not sure what I am looking for, I did not find anything that I could use. Their was a few that may have been what I was looking for but the links did not work.

    Thanks anyway

  • Sprite actions -> Set animation

    Just point it to your new animation, if all your images are in the same animations then

    Sprite actions -> Set frame

  • All the tut. I found all had animation with it. All I want to do is when i press the right arrow the right facing spirit

    is showing and when I press the down arrow the down facing id showing. That can;'t be that hard to do. I am sure it will not take 30 steps to do it.

  • create four animations each with 1 frame each for L,R,D,U

    On left -> set animation to left animation

    On Right -> set animation to right animation




    create one animation with 4 frames one for L,R,D,U

    On left -> set frame to left frame

    On Right -> set frame to right frame




    look at sprite actions as I said before, change the frame, change the animation. or you can use the built in mirror if you want to change the direction horizontally

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  • sadsack you mean like this

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