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  • I am coming to the end of making my first game LOLercoaster a draw and load rollercoaster gameI have a physics issue that I can't over come. I found an old topic regarding LineRider that seemed that it would answer my questions but the cap files are dead links now.


    I am trying to get an object to follow a path in the style of a rollercoaster any idea how I can do this using gravity?, I have messed around with it quite a bit with no luck.

    Having specific (increased) gravity at the bottom of each valley on the track route is my main problem. Any advice would be helpful. I intend on making a tutorial for he community when I get this all figured out.

    Thanks in advance.

    *few ideas i tried were creaing a ton of sprites with physics properties and using them as "rollers" that worked ok but is definately not giving the intended "smoothness" I am looking for.

  • Your best bet is to put the 'rollers' on the car itself and not the track.

    You shouldn't need to add any 'extra gravity' or anything at corner points - Unless box2D doesn't take centripetal forces into account (I'm not sure on this one)

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  • Hey boggler!

    I don't know if this might help, as I haven't mucked with gravity too much, but could you use the y-coordinate of the moving object to determine how much gravity to apply? As the y increases, so does the gravity, and vice versa...

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