How do I Make a Login System With a dataBase

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  • How do i make a login system were u can login to get items or coins

  • We need more information to answer properly.

    Is this for a single player game? Multiplayer?

    Are you wanting a payment gateway? Or just a database for retrieving items?

    If you want your players to be able to make IAP for a single player game, the easiest way (not available on all platforms) is the plugin.

    If the game is for multiplayer, then you're looking at a whole different kettle of fish.

  • i want to be able to manage a multiplayer game i want to give sectain members of the game items and some not or a holiday give everyone 6 free items i want it easy i have free edition thow

  • here is my solution, it might be totally wrong though:

    i use mysql as database, it stores everthing i want, like player name. nick name,birthday, or something is a pic of one of the database table, sorry i need hide something


    i use php to write my login and verification, if user login, use session to keep the login status.

    set login redirect to your game url, so it acts like after login you can play.

    now after loading the game, use ajax to read another php page, that page check the session, if user logged in already, it grab some information and echo as text message. if not logged in, user browser function to redirect to login page

    some gloable variable to save those messages in your game


    tell me if you get better idea

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  • can u help me with this?

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