How do I Login Facebook with Android crosswalk build

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  • Hello, i've a big problem with login facebook in android. I use a cranberrygame cordova facebook plug for build android crosswalk.(I test with phonegap plug too)

    I've problem with key hash. The first connection is ok(restart application after connexion is ok sometimes), but the second time and after, i've an key hash error. Tuto phonegap facebook say put (27)xA= to key, but it's doesn't works now.

    It is possible to generate without android studio? I succes generate key with windows command, but it's a development key, how use this key with my package i don't understand, how generate release key, i don't have release.keystore file so I don't understand.

    So, it's very difficult to me do this buton. I tried since few days.

    Is there a simple tuto who explain login facebook android with construct 2 and intel xdk with this plugin or another plug? I don't understand, Construct 2 build games in android or ios, Login facebook sould be a release tuto who explain how do that and simple searh for find this tuto. It's me problably :p...

    Thanks for your answers and sorry for my bad english.

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