How do I make a logical flowchart

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  • Good afternoon!

    I have a project to create a flowchart of procedures. Each decision-making (yes, no, maybe .. etc) sends me a certain place of flowchart

    A better way to do this would be just changing the variables or creating several buttons! What would be more assertive?

    I am Brazilian and I'm using google translator.

    Thank you very much in advance !

  • Good afternoon!

    A better way to do this would be just changing the variables or creating several buttons!?

    I think that will suffice.

    Edit: And add loops for auto-generated flow charts. Arrays will also be helpful for advanced purposes.

  • Eltondrknss

    Well, first you need to give me a sample case... I don't know whether it's only for visual representation or it is an event based program you are trying to make. I honestly don't like guessing.

  • is it possible to do what Im thinking on construct?

    Sorry for the late reply. I forgot about this since others also requested demos of their own and this topic was buried yesterday.

    I'm not on a computer but just in case nobody presents you with a demo, i'll make you one tomorrow.

    I'm surprised no one else stepped in and made you a demo before.

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  • No problem , Ive looked in a lot of places and didnt find any tutorials of how to do that, and all the ways I tried I ended up lost inside it haha so any example will open my mind to it

    Sorry. Just logged in to say that i don't have the time for that. So i'll leave it to the other guys.

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