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  • Hello, thank you for looking.

       I have a firework(s) graphic that I have set to spawn from 3 image points simultaneously- think left, middle, right.

       Is there a way to move each firework(s)at a different angle, simultaneously? - think left is 240 degrees, middle is 270, right is 310 and each is moving toward the top of the screen.

       Can this be done with instances rather than clones?

       Thank you for your time.

  • Download an example of how to create this effect here. I hope that this helped you with your project! By the way, a more in depth explanation of how this works is that when I create a sprite, every time I make a copy of the sprite and paste it into a layout, it is called an instance. The instances are labeled chronologically, so if i imported my coin sprite first, (that would be my 1st instance) and then copied and pasted another one into the layout, that on would be my 2nd instance. Construct 2 has a way of allowing you to pick and choose instances based chronologically and give them stuff to do, like independently choose and angle of motion. Download my .capx example in the link above. By the way, you may use anything in the example that you like in your game. I don't require you to site me. I hope that this helps!

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  • Thanks Buddy,

    That did help. Your solution was simple, straightforward, and made perfect sense. Sometimes I forget all those different move behaviors are there.

    My graphic is oblong so, I had to add an angle for the graphic to point toward and it now works great.

    I also had to upgrade to run your capx, thanks for bringing to my attention that I was 6 releases behind, lol!

    Thank you, you have lived up to your name.

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