How do I lock orientation FOR REAL with CROSSWALK

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  • I want to lock the orientation of an ANDROID GAME so that it stays fixed... never changes with tilt... never.

    I know I can set the game to PORTRAIT MODE in C2, which I have done.

    I know I can set the game to FULLSCREEN in the INTEL XDK, which I have done.

    But, when I create an ANDROID APP using CROSSWALK, it's not doing what I want.

    Yes, it prevents the game from going into landscape mode, which is a start.

    But, if I flip the phone over, it flips the screen, re-orienting the portrait mode so it's always right-side up.

    For a TILT BASED GAME, this is troublesome. I don't want it to always keep the portrait mode right-side up.

    I just want fixed window orientation that never changes regardless of tilt.

    Lots of games behave this way, but I can't seem to achieve it using C2 and Crosswalk.

    Anybody know how to make it work?

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