How do I lock jump direction in platform behavior

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  • Platform behavior allows you by default to change the direction while in air, either jumping or falling.

    I will like to have like in fighting games a jump that once the players imputs the direction of it, cannot do anything but attack

    until the character lands, no direction change possible.

    Im thinking about disabling platform behavior once the input is done or something like that but after several tries I still without the optimal

    approach for this, any ideas guys?


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  • Hmmm?

    I would use a global variable as a trigger to keep other direction keys from being used and only make the other direction keys work when the platformer is on the platform.

    Global variable OnPlatform=0

    On Key Down: Move Player Left


    Player On Platform: Set OnPlatform=1

    On Jump Pressed: Set OnPlatform=0

    Something like that.

  • I see, thanks for the help, will try it for sure

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