LocalStorage data gone when upgrading from Cocoon Canvas+ to PhoneGap.

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  • My C2 app, for Android, is currently public and was compiled with Cocoon. Cocoon is effectively gone right now, so I've had to get my app to build in PhoneGap to upgrade the existing Cocoon app for my users. But, there is one critical issue holding us up. No C2 Local Storage data is retained after the users updates our app.

    My question is: Should I have any expectation of keeping the user's data when upgrading a C2 Canvas+ Cocoon.io App to a new version built with PhoneGap (and the default Webview)?

    I can get into the nuts and bolts of my particular configuration to further this discussion, but I wanted to get an idea from the community first of the feasibility. If this issue is no different than switching web browsers and expecting user data to be there, I won't kill myself trying to figure this out for no reason. And, yes, I know that Canvas+ is not supported by C2.

    Can I preserve Local Storage from Cocoon to PhoneGap somehow? Or, do I need to pray that Cocoon comes back to life for a day so that I can release one more update to move the Users' data to webstorage?

    Thanks for any help.. I couldn't find this predicament on a search but someone has to have faced something similar.


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  • So, so far, it seems that updating my Cocoon.io app with a PhoneGap version (going from Canvas+ to webview) blows away LocalStorage, as if I'm using a new browser. From what I understand about Canvas+, this would make sense. I haven't gotten any opinions from anyone here, but I'm assuming now that there is no way to upgrade your app from Canvas+ to Webview and expect LocalStorage to still be there.

    Currently, I'm working around this by cracking open the APK, inserting new Construct code and resigning it. This is a horrible workaround and will be invalid when Google changes their API level mandate next month (my cocoon apk is stuck at API Level 25). But at least I'm able to address some field bugs which are due to 3rd party technologies failing me.

    It seems the resolution to this issue (without loosing the user's LocalStorage) would be to release an update that puts the user's LocalStorage data in the cloud (or some other common storage area if possible).. But I'd have to do this utilizing the workaround of cracking open the APK.. so I don't think I can add any new server side plugins.

    Does anyone know how to move LocalStorage user data to the cloud, or to a local area that is common between browsers? Without needing a server-side plugin?

    Lesson learned on Canvas+.

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